Our Philosophy

We carefully select our partner brands ensuring that each brand offers a unique and undisputed value to the market. In addition we work hard with each company to make sure we are tightly integrated, from sales and marketing through logistics. We offer only one brand per segment of insuring a balanced portfolio of products and the highest level of knowledge and service.



Founded in 1912 by Mr GARRIC, KIPRY enjoyed its first success with the construction of a special plough, the “Décavaillonneuse“, used by melon farmers to replace work previously carried out by hand. Today some 40 people are employed by KIRPY. Everything is designed and produced in the same buildings. Technology and machines offering ever greater levels of performance make KIRPY a model company among the landscape of French manufacturers.


Gro-Tech Systems

At Gro-Tech Systems, we are deeply rooted in the design, creation, and manufacturing of our industry specific greenhouse systems. Our streamlined light deprivation system was formulated to provide maximum performance – for the farmers of today – seeding their roots to grow something great


ar blue clean

Annovi Reverberi has 60 years of experience in the high-pressure pump industry, a wealth of accumulated know-how and focus on customers needs us to the launch the AR Blue Clean. Constant research into innovative design allows us to create the best electric pressure washers available.

All AR Blue Clean pressure washers are manufactured as a result of painstaking design and our commitment to product renewal.

Our product line offers an array of models designed to meet all your cleaning requirements. They are all extremely easy to handle and offer high performance, safety and quality that stand the test of time. AR Blue Clean electric pressure washers have a vast range of accessories, making every machine extremely versatile and ready to solve all cleaning problems.


Channel Manufacturing

Channel Manufacturing is dedicated to servicing Food and Material Handling Equipment professionals throughout the distribution and consultant network.

We manufacture highest quality food and material handling equipment from aluminum or stainless steel. Our products are made to order, so we can build to your custom specifications with little to no additional lead time.